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UPDATE: Commissions are closed for now, hands are getting full! Thanks for the help guys!
MY WACOM TABLET DIED, I NEED A NEW ONE ASAP for my full-time summer art job, so if any kind soul would like to help me out here, I AM OFFERING 3 SLOTS FOR TRADITIONAL COMMISSIONS, at cheaper rates than my usual!! More slots may be open depending on demand!
Can draw:
Bullet; Green Anthros, humans, cartoony characters, TF2 loadouts, Sonic official/fan characters, animals, e.t.c.
Bullet; Green Anything that isn't under the Will Not Draw list! :)
Bullet; Red Extreme violence and gore. Slight blood is okay
Bullet; Red Sexual themes
Bullet; Red Hate-art, racist remarks and use of vulgar language. Certain explicit words may be censored
:iconjemidove:JemiDove 2 5
Hedgehog On A Branch by Speedy1236 Hedgehog On A Branch :iconspeedy1236:Speedy1236 59 29 Oliver's True Flowers by Starrulet Oliver's True Flowers :iconstarrulet:Starrulet 14 2 Custom Brush Supplement 2 by DarlingMionette Custom Brush Supplement 2 :icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 9,663 3,377 pokeymanz by gloomyalien pokeymanz :icongloomyalien:gloomyalien 20 4
If Ninjago had a Cooking Show
A while back my channel partners and I were joking about cooking shows and how perfect everything always is on them . . . And how generally weird and stilted they are, geez . . . Things would be way more interesting if they made a cooking show by just filming actual people cooking. Like these guys.
Most cooking shows:
Chef has everything neatly prepared in little bowls
Ninja cooking show:
Kai: Okay, uh, now we have to chop all these walnuts . . . Just sit tight, viewers. *chops walnuts for forty minutes.*
Most cooking shows:
Everything is pre-measured and they just mix it in as they need it
Ninja cooking show:
Jay: Dangit, we don't have enough flour! Shooooot, why did I not check this before we started? We can't quit now, we've already mixed ingredients together . . .
Nya: We have cornmeal, just use that.
Kai: Can you do that?
*Uncertain pause*
Jay: Ahhhh, whatever! *dumps in cornmeal*
Most cooking shows:
:iconblysk:Blysk 10 11
aesthena by gloomyalien aesthena :icongloomyalien:gloomyalien 15 5 Bad Blood by deathrayben Bad Blood :icondeathrayben:deathrayben 15 1 Krovi by StoneByrd Krovi :iconstonebyrd:StoneByrd 6 6 Pixels by PenNPixel Pixels :iconpennpixel:PenNPixel 32 10 indochina by foureyes indochina :iconfoureyes:foureyes 318 98 Happy Birthday Blysk!! by StoneByrd Happy Birthday Blysk!! :iconstonebyrd:StoneByrd 5 4 Eloi by PastelGreys Eloi :iconpastelgreys:PastelGreys 4 6 Twin Spin by Blysk Twin Spin :iconblysk:Blysk 12 13 Put 'em Up by Blysk Put 'em Up :iconblysk:Blysk 8 11 He's been waiting two months to say this by Blysk He's been waiting two months to say this :iconblysk:Blysk 28 77


haaah dA is literally almost unusable at this point. Plus I just let messages build up and build up. Just like my problems! :,D
Birthday present for :iconblysk:! It's once again, Lloyd as the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master. But better.
seriously, who knew switching from Sketchbook to SAI and getting a tablet would make all the difference

His suit turned out looking so orange even though I picked colors right from the lego figurine, ugh. oh well. Hope you like it! <3
*blatantly ignores my 500+ notifications*
@Blysk : ^_^, no matter who does it, instantly reminds me of you
just wanted to put that out there.
Eyyy I've got assessments for orchestra today
Here's to hoping we get a good score from the judges. 
Sometimes I just. Forget this site exists.

Why am I like this.

Why am I fucking like this



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

So! Stole a tag meme from :iconblysk:. Rules state you're supposed to create your own questions too, but fuck the rules. I'm tired. P:

1. What's your favorite Ninjago character?
Jay. No question there.
2. How many pillows are on your bed?
One large, fuzzy, rainbow/tiger-striped body pillow. It's great.
3. What are you best at?
....? Well, I wish I knew. Maybe I'm good at being there for people. Even if I'm not very helpful. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
4. How well do you handle criticism?
Outwardly, I try to own it like a champ. Inwardly, though, I'm feeling like I'm shattered glass. :,D
5. Ever owned a lava lamp?
Nope. I'd kinda like to, though. 
6. What's your favorite drink?
Hmm. I guess mango lassi. Mango-flavored things tend to be good.
7. Favorite ice cream flavor?
Chocolate. Or cookie dough. Anything really dessert-y.
8. Do you like mice?
They're cute, but I don't know if I can handle one in person. 
9. Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
10. If aliens invited you on a trip, would you accept?
Uh .... probably not. I'm wary of change, as a general rule. 
11. Are you a fast typer?
So I've been told! I used to be completely unable to type, but I took a computer class and at the beginning of each class, we warmed up with typing exercises. You got good pretty quickly if you did them. So now I can just hammer away at these keys when I know what to say, but there are just as many typos to go back and fix. XD
12. Would you rather visit medieval times or cowboy times?
Tough question. Medieval times have pretty architecture and cowboy times would mean alternatively really hot and cold weather, depending on the time of day/night, but conditions would be slightly better. That's a tough question.
The European history nut in me kind of wants to say medieval times though. 
13. Star Wars, Star Trek, or neither?
I know not too much about either, but I've seen some of Star Wars and I hear plenty about the characters. So Star Wars.

Do this if you want! 
  • Listening to: Isle of the Dead
  • Reading: Genoa book
  • Watching: Puella Magi Madoka Magica


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